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The Power of Motivation – Shape and Control Your Destiny

What Will I Learn? Become fearless Emanate Confidence Climb the career ladder Define your goals Become more energetic Fuel your brain with positivity Become hungry for success Increase your self-confidence Boost your self-esteem Conquer obstacles Overcome procrastination Take control of your thoughts. Requirements Relax Open your mind Absorb the knowledgeMotivation, according to the Cambridge dictionary, […]

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SUCCESS ADVICE 5 Step Morning Routine That Leads to Explosive Growth and Success

  Have you ever noticed that how your day starts can dictate how the rest of your day goes? If you

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Restoring the Church’s First Love: A Case Study from the Church at Ephesus

The ministry of church revitalization is as old as the church itself. One church mentioned in the New Testament in particular seems in perpetual need of revitalizing. Along similar lines today, countless churches desperately need revitalizing. And, in God’s goodness, the same prescription he gives for that ancient church is the same for today’s churches. [...]
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