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Celebrate the platinum anniversary (1991 ? 2011) of the unforgettable comedy classic Father of the Bride plus the uproarious follow-up Father of the Bride Part II on Blu-ray for the first time ever. Screen legends Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Martin Short star in these warm and witty circle of relatives favorites, complete with a new digital restoration! Things get out of hand for befuddled father George Banks (Martin) when his young daughter hastily announces her plans to wed. Life gets even crazier in the sidesplitting sequel when his daughter and his wife (Keaton) both announce they’re pregnant, and George desperately tries to capture the wild and crazy days of his youth. Relive each heartwarming and hilarious moment in this special 2-movie collection. It’s incredible circle of relatives entertainment that actually delivers!


Father of the Bride

This ’90s update of the Spencer Tracy-Elizabeth Taylor hit is a mix of the pleasant and the silly, a nice enough movie but a little too controlled to develop into particularly interesting. Steve Martin plays the aging patriarch who is threatened by his daughter’s engagement and not-slightly-willing to let her go. The writing-directing team of Charles Shyer and Nancy Meyers provides Martin’s character with a perhaps too-broad range of comic responsiveness to the situation, some of it gentle (a ritual game of basketball between dad and his little girl) and a few of it slapstick (Martin sneaking around his prospective in-laws’ house and encountering a guard dog). Martin Short turns up as a wedding coordinator–which has deliriously delicious possibilities–but his inventiveness doesn’t slightly strike the chord this time. —Tom Keogh

Father of the Bride Part 2

Everybody important from the first film, including the writing-directing team of Charles Shyer and Nancy Meyers, regroups for this sequel involving a pair of pregnancies. Steve Martin’s patriarch has a crisis when his married daughter (Kimberly Williams) is with child, and an even bigger one when his middle-aged wife (Diane Keaton) announces that another bambino is on the way. Martin Short is more effectively used this time around (he played the wedding coordinator in the first film), and at the same time as this movie’s inevitable climax has both women giving birth on the same chaotic night, the overall effect of the film is less contrived than its predecessor. —Tom Keogh





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