MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Genuine U.S. Military Surplus (1 Pack) Assorted Flavor

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The Ultimate MRE! US Marines same old issue. Provides a normal 1250 calories (13 % protein, 36 % fat, and 51 % carbohydrates) for maximum staying power. Designed to endure serious punishment, including 98 foot air-drops. Random Menu Selection. 2012 or newer Pack Date. See 4 digit Julian Date Printed on Package to decide pack date.

Typical Contents:

Entree – the principle course, such as Spaghetti or Beef Stew
Side dish – rice, corn, fruit, or mashed potatoes.
Cracker or Bread
Spread – peanut butter, jelly, or cheese spread
Dessert – cookies or pound cakes
Candy – M&Ms, Skittles, or Tootsie Rolls
Beverages – Gatorade-like drink mixes, cocoa, dairy shakes, coffee, tea
Hot sauce or seasoning – in some MREs
Flameless Ration Heater
Accessory Pack – spoon, matches, coffee, creamer, sugar, salt, chewing gum, toilet paper. Contents of meals and accessory packages vary.
24 different menus. Menus selected at random.

Long shelf life when stored per manufacturer’s directions. 2012 or newer Pack Date.
Genuine US War Fighter Rations are without equal survivalist, Prepper & out of doors enthusiast Meal.
For Menu Choices: www.amazon.com/dp/B00YBC29WU/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=A2P4KTC62860Q5
Ideal for hunting, camping, mountain climbing, fishing, boating, and emergency food supply.
Designed for maximum staying power and nutrition with average 1250 calories per meal.

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